Q & A

  • Why choose laminate countertops ?

Laminate countertops are easy to maintain, reasonably priced and come in 1000's of colors.

  • Can I install countertops myself?

Yes you can if you are comfortable with a jig saw and sander and have a little woodworking experience. You would need to fit the counters to the wall and cut the sink hole. If we install them for you we remove the old counters and take them away we also fit the counters to the wall, caulk the back splash and cut the sink hole and stand behind our installation.

  • Can I measure myself?

If you are comfortable with your measurements you sure can. If you let us give you a free quote we can measure at the same time and if you decide to go with us we will already have the measurements.

  • How long will it take from the time I order?

In most cases no more than two weeks.

  • How do I pick a color or edge?

We will bring samples with us when we come and give you a quote.

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