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Replacing your old countertops may be cheaper than you thinkFollow the steps below then go to contact S&R Custom Laminate and email your measurements and comments.

Before using the kitchen countertop calculator, locate the measurements of your existing countertop, or find the dimensions on your blueprints. Divide the shapes into rectangles as in the example to the left.
Once you have measured each piece as a rectangle, enter the measurements in the Countertop Calculator.
Once you have the total square feet of countertop needed for your kitchen, bath or special room, you can also get an approximate total cost by simply adding the cost per square foot into the countertop calculator and click on “Calculate”.
That’s it! You are ready to order!



S&R Custom Laminate Countertop Calculator
Measure each rectangular section and enter the measurements below.
Price per square foot (optional) $
Section Length Width
A ft. in. ft. in.
B ft. in. ft. in.
C ft. in. ft. in.
D ft. in. ft. in.
E ft. in. ft. in.
Approximate countertop square footage needed:
Plus 10% for waste from cutting
Estimated cost (if cost per square foot entered above):


You can’t ask for a faster way to get and instant countertop Quote.

 For kitchens
  • Measure out from the corner to the right of the counter( example 4ft )
  • Measure out from the corner to the left of the counter( example 11ft 6in )
  • Measure out from the wall to the end of the island( example 6ft 2in )
  • Measure any straight tops you might have( example 5ft )

For basic countertops enter $18.00 per sqare ft this includes sqare edge and rolled edge. For high end countertops enter $22.00 per sqare ft this includes wood edge and bevel edge. These prices also include installation.  If you are looking for just countertops with no installation try $13.00 per square ft for basic tops and $17.00 per square ft for high end tops.

  For cabinets

Just send a measurement for how many feet of cabinets you are looking for and indicate:

  • Base cabinets
  • Upper cabinets
  • Countertops

Let us know what style edge you want on countertop. Quote will be for standard laminate with no installation. If you want installation please let us know.

*The Countertop Calculator should only be used as a guide. For an exact quote, contact S&R Custom Laminate. Countertops vary greatly depending on style, surface, and edge.